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This module is Copyright © 2002 Joe Jansen and is distributed under the GPL license.

Point Definition

The point table is a central part of the Linux PLC. This is where all of the tags are defined for communicating betweeen modules, including external I/O. Every point has exactly one 'owner' that has the ability to set the value of the point. For example, external inputs are typically owned by the module that controls the I/O device.

Points are added by selecting Add -> Points from the menu.

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Mandatory fields are Name, Owner, and Point Type.
ID (Name): This is the identifier that will be used to access this data point. This must be a unique name for all data points. Spaces are not allowed
Description: This is an informative field for the user. This can be a multi word descriptor. Modules such as logic editors can use this for documentation. Spaces are allowed.
Owner: The owner field is implemented as a drop down menu item. The menu is populated using the names of the modules that have been entered in the module list. The module that is selected here is the only module that has write access to this point.


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