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Talk slides:

Mario's RT Linux Workshop 2001 talk (html, 7 pages)
Jiri's 2002 talk (3.5M, ps.gz, 47 pages)
[flag of bulgaria]Bulgarian documents
List of tested compatible hardware
Solution providers by area
On-line demo using the MatPLC

a robotic arm that can be controlled over the Internet. Note that the tank part and the trend function need Java; if you don't have java, you'll only be able to play with the robot itself.
Screenshots (oven demo)
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coruscant release (2.6M, tar.gz)

This is the easiest option. Packaged on the 23rd of May 2006, it will be getting bugfixes as necessary, but no new features. Older releases are also available.
weekly tarball (2.6M, tar.gz)

More up-to-date than the release, but not as much hassle as the bzr. Because it's just an automatic copy of the development version, expect it to randomly break from time to time...

This is the best if you want to stay on the cutting edge or if you're thinking of joining in with the development.
After downloading, check the Getting Started section of the manual for what to do next.


MatPLC is a PLC-like program for Linux (PLC = Programmable Logic Controller), licensed under the GNU GPL.

We take advantage of the fact that we have an underlying operating system and use its features to make the MatPLC modular. One module could be executing mnemonics. Another module is a PID loop. A different module handles I/O, or logs to a database. (These modules all already exist.) The MatPLC then coordinates their workings to present a simple interface to the user.

Currently, we are in early stages: we have a solid core, mnemonics for logic modules (python or C can also be used), a signal-processing module which includes a PID loop, several I/O modules (including numerous industrial networks and an interface to the comedi project) and some simple HMI modules.

We are cooperating with the classicladder project project, which will provide stepladder and GRAFCET in an intuitive, point-and-click form. However, the interface between the two projects is not yet ready.

Various companies have been or continue to be helpful to the project; they're listed on our acknowledgements page.

For more information, please contact Curt Wuollet.

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