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MatPLC releases

The MatPLC is currently alpha. The following 0.x releases are available.

alderaan released18th of November 2002 (1.5M, tar.gz)
bespin released16th of February 2004 (2.1M, tar.gz)
coruscant released23rd of May 2006 (2.4M, tar.gz)
dagobah planned   
endor planned   

After downloading, check the Getting Started section of the manual for what to do next.

Develpment version

There are two ways of obtaining the development versions of the MatPLC.

weekly tarball
This is automatically made every Thursday, for the convenience of those who can't access the CVS (or don't want the hassle).
This is the best if you want to stay on the cutting edge or if you're thinking of joining in with the development. The module to check out is "." (current directory).

Naming system

The 0.x releases of MatPLC are named after planets from the Star Wars series of films (and, where necessary, books), in alphabetical order, one release per letter.

For the purposes of packaging systems, releases should be labelled as 0.alderaan if possible, otherwise 0.a or 0.1 and so on.

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