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This module is Copyright © 2002 Joe Jansen and is distributed under the GPL license.

Module Definition

The first notebook tab is used for defining the different PLC modules, or components that will be used in this implementation. This is not only for modules such as the logic engines, but includes HMI, I/O drivers, and all other components that will make up the final PLC.
Modules are defined by selecting ADD -> Modules from the menu.

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Module definition has three components. Name, path, and additional parameters. The first two are mandatory, the third is optional.

Name: This is the name for the module that will be used to reference it throughout the rest of the configuration file, and in other modules as necessary. It does not need to be the name of the executable.

Path: This is the path to the executable file, including the name of the executable. There is a browse button that can be used to select the executable file.

Additional Parameters: This is comand line parameters that need to be passed to the executable at startup. This is different from module specific keyword/value pairs that are defined in a different section.


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