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Basic_... demos

The basic_... demos illustrate various modules or facilities of the MatPLC in the simplest possible manner. Most of them are simply the basic demo with a single additional feature, for instance outputting the chasing lights to a Modbus slave, or showing them in graphics. A few of them are unrelated, such as the DSP demo which is a simple PID loop.

As well as illustrating the features, they serve as documentation by example: the matplc.conf files in these directories are generally copiously commented, and are thus well worth reading for the configuration details of the module or facility in question.

They need more description here, FIXME. Some of it can be copied from the individual README files.

basic PID loop

a PID loop with graphical interface

implements the light chaser with IL code

modbus based communications (light chaser)

basic demo for comedi-based DAQ cards. Analog input on device 0, subdevice 0, channel 0 (displayed on screen); analog output on device 0, subdevice 1, channel 0, physical range 0.0-4.096 (controlled by a hmi_gtk slider).

uses Synergetics CIF drivers for multiple network types (light chaser)

control via parallel port (light chaser)

a light chaser using the PLC-5 simulator

synchronisation of the modules (light chaser)

a TCL based GUI


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