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Basic demo

The basic demo is very primitive. Its main purpose is to ensure that the MatPLC has downloaded and compiled more-or-less correctly, as outlined in the Getting Started section. It also forms the basis of the basic_... demos, most of which add one single feature to this demo.

basic light chaser demo

It's a simple light-chasing demo, controlled from the keyboard. No special hardware required.

To start:
cd demo/basic; make

To quit:
press Q on the keyboard

It's controlled from the keyboard (module Kbd, kbd.c): the keys L, R and Q on the keyboard toggle the three points 'left', 'right' and 'quit'.

The Chaser module (chaser.c in the demo/basic directory) is a primitive 'light chasing' program. The direction of movement can be changed using the 'left' and 'right' points; these are notionally push-buttons, but in this demo they are controlled by the L and R keys. The speed of the chaser can be configured with the "delay" setting in the "Chaser" section of matplc.conf

The demo terminates when the 'quit' point comes on (keyboard Q).


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