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System Requirements

Because of the high modularity of the MatPLC, you do not necessarily need all the software listed below. No-one will ever use all the modules; if you do not need a module, you do not need its requirements.

Common requirements

As well as a basic Linux system, compiling and running the MatPLC system requires a few additional packages.

When we make a binary release, we will list here the packages required to run that release.

To compile and run the MatPLC, you'll need gcc, libtool, make and the other usual packages involved in compiling - header files, linkers, etc.

In addition, you will almost certainly need the console-tools development package. The basic demo depends on this, and it's usually not installed by default.

Note: the libraries that come with Debian potato are missing some of the functions that we use. One workaround is to update parts of the system to Debian woody, which is the new version of Debian - download the new libc6-dev and whatever it depends on (let apt or dselect do it for you).

Perl is used in various places in the project; it's perhaps not strictly necessary, but it'll be a hassle going without.

Module requirements

These are the requirements of the individual modules.
To convert the manual to ps and pdf formats, you will need html2ps, ghostscript, ps2pdf and preferably also the LaTeX hyphenation files. The lca-2002 talk requires full LaTeX and netpbm, but it can be downloaded off the webpage instead.

flex, bison


glade (with gnome support) development, gtkextra library; the widgetnamerwizard also requires python (with gtk)

console-tools development (note that this module is used by the basic demo)

comedi library


This section will contain the lists of packages for various distributions, corresponding to the above requirements lists, which can simply be fed to the appropriate installation tool (for instance, to Debian's apt-get install).

At present, it's rather incomplete.

console-tools-dev libcomedi-dev libgnome-dev libglade-gnome0-dev libgtkextra-dev


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