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Log messages

This appendix lists the messages that may appear in the matplc.log file. It is intended to be complete (but isn't - yet), so if you get a message which is not listed here from one of the generic or specific modules, it's a problem - please let us know so we can fix it.

Messages are organised by module; with messages that may be produced by any module or by the MatPLC tools listed first in the "General" section.


TRACE Module started. The module started successfully.
TRACE Launched 3 modules. The matplc -g command has successfully started all the modules listed in matplc.conf. (This will always be labelled as coming from the "plc_setup" module.)
WARNING The clock's resolution on this system (0.010000 sec) is not small enough to guarantee correct periodic execution of the module at the required period (0.010000 sec). The timing of the module is likely to jitter badly; otherwise, everything's fine.
Error initializing access to the plc config memory...
The matplc -s command couldn't find the MatPLC - most often this will happen when you do a   matplc -s "just to make sure" and there isn't actually one running. (This will always be labelled as coming from the "plc_shutdown" module.)


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