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This is MAT PLC's main "control" program, used for starting the MatPLC and shutting it down.

This page of the manual is not really written yet, there's just the usage summary here. FIXME

usage: .../matplc  {-{c|g} [file_name] | -{r|h} [] | -{s|l|d} [PLC options]
          c: Check matplc config file syntax. fname defaults to matplc.conf
          g: Go. Start the MatPLC. fname defaults to matplc.conf
          s: Shutdown the MatPLC.
          r: Place the MatPLC, or the <module> if specified, in RUN mode.
          h: Place the MatPLC, or the <module> if specified, in STOP mode.
          d: Dump the MatPLC configuration map.

Source code note

If you're looking for the source code to the matplc program, it's actually in the lib/util directory, even though the program itself is in tools/run. This is simply for historical reasons.


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