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FIXME What is it? What can it be used for? (refer also to the usage scenarios chapter)

Much like a real PLC, a particular MatPLC installation consists of several modules, plugged into a core (virtual backplane). There are I/O modules, logic modules, user interface modules etc. Most of this manual concerns the detailed instructions for one or another particular kind of module. Modules are futher explained in the Modules chapter.

The central file in MatPLC is traditionally called matplc.conf (though you can give it any name you like). It determines what modules are running and any tuning parameters the modules require as well as configuring the MatPLC core, its global memory map and the like.

As such, the matplc.conf file is effectively the `main' file in any installation: all options and settings are either in this file, or in some file it specifies. It is further described in the Config file chapter

The Configuration Editor will be the easiest way to create and edit matplc.conf, once it is finished. For now, you will still have to do most of the editing with a text editor.


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