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The Twido was tested successfully.

Main downsides:

Hardware tested

Telemecanique Twido (6 in / 4 out, model TWDLCAA10DRF) connected by the supplied "Multi-Function Communication Cable" TSXPCX1031 to the serial port. It came with TwidoSoft 0.5.5 software for MS Windows. The unit was loaned by Schneider Electric (Australia).

The computer was a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4310 laptop, with Debian woody and all security updates up-to-date, dual-booting to MS Windows 98.

Tested November 2002.

Main comments

Access was via the modbus_m module in RTU mode, testing with the basic_modbus demo. Outputs were observed on the status LEDs, inputs were supplied by switches (see photo); no other hardware was actually connected.

The Twido only allows acces to the internal memory registers (%M), which means that it must have a ladder program to transfer these to and from the actual inputs and outputs (at least). This program needs to be written using TwidoSoft (or from a field programmer unit).

The setup of the Twido must be done from TwidoSoft under MS Windows. To our knowledge, it is not available for Linux. We have not tested whether or not it works under wine.

Here's the setup we used in the Twido, as saved from TwidoSoft. The stepladder and the MatPLC config are also listed below.

Other notes

Stepladder used

LD    %M0
ST    %Q0.0.0
LD    %M1
ST    %Q0.0.1
LD    %M2
ST    %Q0.0.2
LD    %M3
ST    %Q0.0.3
LD    %I0.0.0
ST    %M4
LD    %I0.0.1
ST    %M5
LD    %I0.0.2
ST    %M6
LD    %I0.0.3
ST    %M7
LD    %I0.0.4
ST    %M8
LD    %I0.0.5
ST    %M9

matplc.conf fragment

module modbus_m "../../io/modbus/modbus_m_rtu"

network rtu_net rtu device /dev/ttyS0 baudrate 9600 parity none data_bits 8 stop_bits 1 ignore_echo false timeout 1.5 send_retries 2

node twido rtu_net 1

map out twido.out_bit.1 L1
map out twido.out_bit.2 L2
map out twido.out_bit.3 L3
map out twido.out_bit.4 L4

map in twido.in_bit.5 sw0
map in twido.in_bit.6 sw1
map in twido.in_bit.7 sw2
map in twido.in_bit.8 sw3
map in twido.in_bit.9 sw4
map in twido.in_bit.10 sw5
Jiri Baum

$Date: 2002/11/30 11:05:00 $